Hold happiness in your own hands.

Always hold your happiness in your own hands,
so it will always be within your reach.
Do not rely on others to make you happy,
Happiness comes from within.
Let me share with you a story about a penny and a fork.
There was once a lady who believed her happiness
lay in the hands of another man.
He had promised her everything, leave your home he told her and bring your son, I have a school arranged and new home all planned for you,
all I want is to be your husband.
This lady had been trapped in a very abusive relationship and was hesitant to trust anyone again, but the man was convincing
and he was of good standing, so she agreed to give up everything 
she had, and fly to a foreign country to be with him.
When she arrived at the airport he was nowhere to be seen.
So she told her son not to worry everything would be alright.
It was late at night and it was snowing outside so they sat and had coffee.
Eventually after waiting for four hours the man arrived
and took them to a hotel, then left again.
He had not done as he promised, there was no school arranged
and he had no intention of arranging anywhere for them to live.
Not wanting to scare her son the lady called out to the universe for help,
she could not fly back, that was not an option. She had to push on.
 Feeling like it was the end of the world they set out the next day in the snow.

“Please God you said you would never put anyone
 in a fire too hot for them to handle”
she called out;
“Please send me a sign...”
And as she walked in the snow she found a fork -
the message was you will always have enough food to eat.
A few steps further down the road she found a penny -
the message was you will always have enough money
to keep a roof over your heads.

And so it was that she was able to find a new home and provide a home
for her son in a foreign land.

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