Be uniquely you!

You are uniquely yourself.

We each have our own ways in life,
No two people will agree on everything.
We all have our differences.
If we accept that there will never be
Perfect harmony throughout the world
but that we can do our part in
bringing peace and stability into our own lives
which in turn will help those around us.
You can choose to mill along
in a hum drum world
And get tossed along like
pebbles in a river
you can choose to make
something of your life.
Remember a diamond looks
just like a pebble before it is hewn into a jewel.
There will be people who you connect with
And people you wish you had never met.
Look at those who are good for you as the jewels of life
And the people who are not good for you as the pebbles.
Now consider the value of each and you will see
the value of those closest to you means the most.
Don’t let the pebbles of life prevent you from
enjoying the riches the jewels of life offer.

Let's Live

Great American Puzzle Factory Jim Warren River Life 1000 Piece Puzzle

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